Elaine and Mark have been traveling, making theatre, and homesteading together since 1996. They met when Elaine was trying to learn how to do a cartwheel in the lobby of a downtown theatre and the shenanigans have just escalated from there.  In 2003 they welcomed daughter Lily and then added to their family with Anya just two years later. 

What they bring to the Farm:

The land (purchased in 2004), the ability to fix just about anything, the arts (aka drama)





Lorien and Larry met on a dance floor in Chicago and married soon after. They've lived all over the U.S. together and in 2004 welcomed Nina into their lives while living in Florida. They moved to Southern California in 2005 and have become an integral part of the community here, forming a co-op, dispensing gardening knowledge and driving the need for goats on the farm.

What they bring to the Farm:

Farm experience, gardening brilliance, some stability