Yesterday at Dr. Joe's, Mark remembered to point out Lily's foot. Her right foot points outward all the time and while you can comfortably move it straight, it pops right back into place once you let it go. So, Dr. Joe stripped her down and worked with the hip and leg a bit. He seems to think it's not a big deal, that with massage, stretching and her regular adjustments we can fix the problem before it becomes a problem. Since she's not yet bearing any weight on her feet, it's not going to be an issue until that point, so we have some time. I asked about x-rays and he seems to think that's premature.

Called Elizabeth and asked her if she'd be willing to work with Lily. She's all over it and willing to show me what strokes and what-not I can do to help. She also has a friend (who I've met and adore!) named Rosa who is helping teach infant massage at ISPB so I'm hoping to get some input from her as well.

I'm in overkill mode... instantly jumping to research and resources. This may not even be a problem, but I tend to want to know EVERYTHING I can. Dr. Joe said he'd go home and study up on the issue as well. It's amazing how mother bear instinct takes over and you just want to hold your baby and will away a potential problem. Good to know that she's not hurting and I just really don't want her to ever hurt!

Ah ha, and now my dear sweet baby bear is waking and I must go rescue her from the bed!