spa day

Heading off to Glen Ivy Spa today to celebrate a friends upcoming marriage. Rebekah and I will drive up together and leave Lily with her daddy for the whole day! They're going to take the dog for a walk, hang out some and maybe even go to Costco.

I will be happily lounging in the pools, wallowing in the Mud and checking out their new feature: The Grotto. Should be a very nice day and a much needed break from my wonderful, yet needy little babe.

Last night, I fell asleep while nursing Lily and this somehow gave her the idea that I should spend the entire night in this position. Every time I tried to put her away from me so I could get some good sleep, she'd awake and demand her boobie back. Finally, around 5:30 in the morning, I sat up, told her loudly and firmly that I had to pee and I had to get comfortable. While this proclamation did nothing for her, it alerted my dear husband that I had HAD it and needed him to do something with this child. So, he snuggled her up, worked her legs (she is calmed by having her legs brought up towards her chest and then back down, "lather rinse repeat") and within five minutes, she was out.

It just seems that if I try to put her down to sleep, she wants me to keep her near. But if Daddy puts her down, she's OK with just sleeping. Not always the case, but in those difficult times, I just have to say THANK GODDESS FOR DADDY!

I'm off to luxuriate...