Lily has been restless, not sleeping during the day unless I am holding her or laying next to her, and quite frankly, a cranky-puss since the fires started. Today, the sun is coming through our upstairs windows bright white, rather than the burnt orange that we have been seeing. And, low and behold, Lily is taking a nice nap... alone... first one in days.

Mark is back to work and while the air is still bad, it's so much better. There is ash everywhere, major clean up to do. My father returned to his shop yesterday, the fire stopped less than a mile from the business. Luckily, he had released the majority of the customer cars on Friday and had moved almost all the rest into the bays before they left for the weekend. So, while the parking lot was a mess, the cars we're tucked safely inside, out of the ash and smoke damage. He and Sandy had also evacuated their home, but returned to no damage... just lots of ash fallout.

Ah, have more to say, but Lily is awake.