almost sitting up

Lily has almost figured out the sitting up thing. She can often catch herself as starts to topple over, but for the most part is still flinging herself around and getting frustrated. She giggles, "talks", has discovered that when she screams, everybody pays attention, and is generally having a great time. She has also started sucking her thumb... her left thumb. Vikki says this is no indication that she may be left handed. Mark's hoping that she'll be ambidextrous. She'll just be.

Oh yes, and she went to her FOURTH wedding in her four and a half months of life this last weekend. John and Oreet were happily wed on the 8th... the same day as the beginning of the Harmonic Concordance, a full moon AND a lunar eclipse. Good day to marry, don't you think!

Other news: we're in escrow on this amazing piece of property with a funky house on it. Two acres of land with some fruit trees, ample parking, it's perfect. We get to take possession mid-December, but will probably move in after the new year.

Life is good!