nesting in

We've all got a cold bug and are nesting in. Lily is full of snot and coughing and really quite unhappy with the whole ordeal. Mark and I have sore throats and are dragging...

BUT! the really important news is that Lily has a new friend in the world! Alora and Dougg had baby Marisa on Friday (her due date) at Best Start. Everything went really well; the baby is healthy and the parents are thrilled. We're going to swing by today and drop off some meals. I've put together a chicken dish, some ham, a meatloaf, a box of mac and cheese, some garlic bread... oh yes, and some yams from Thanksgiving. Hmmmm.... food.

Anywho... Lily is sleeping and I really should take this opportunity to take a nice hot steamy shower. Hmmmm... shower.