A Magical Childhood

Love this site:A Magical Childhood. It has some wonderful ideas such as Monkey Hugs, Happy Buttons, etc and all sorts of other things to do to make your child's life magical, whimsical, and wonderful. For instance, she talks about writing your child a letter telling them why you love them. Got me thinking about my little Lil and what, specifically, I love about this child.

She has the most amazing smile I have ever seen.

She lights up when she looks at me or Mark.

She starts giggling before you zer-bert her.

I love the way she touches my face when nursing.

She waves at people.

She's simply the most wonderful person I have ever held in my arms.

I could go on for days and I so look forward to getting to know her, what she thinks about the sky at night, the sound of her voice when she says "I Love You". As much as I love each moment of her life, I can't wait for each NEW moment. I'm so in love and watching her be sick is so hard. I just want her to always know how very much she is loved... every second of everyday. Besides, I need something to hold onto when she's 16 and decides to rebel...