Lily is sick

She's had a fever since Wednesday (the 17th) and we've seen some vomit, lots of snot, the fussiest little pout you ever did see, and mostly the back of her as she sleeps sleeps sleeps sleeps! Babies are so much smarter than us adults. Lily gets sick so she goes to sleep. Period. She doesn't try to get the laundry done, wash dishes, wrap presents, grocery's, etc. Granted, she has people for such tasks. Mark and I are also not so well... and thus, we've been bastards to each other. Something about taking care of a sick baby while sick yourself... that'll put a strain on a marriage! We had a good talk last night while Lily slept against my chest. No worries.

We took Lil to an acupuncturist on Friday night and saw an amazing turn around. But then, with Mark's brother here for a visit, we spent too much time out and about on Saturday and she got sick again. So, we go back today for some more needling. She doesn't even notice them, which isn't surprising when you look at how thin they are and how briefly they stay in. Julie just inserts the needle, stimulates it, and out it comes. Hoping it will help again and she'll be a little less miserable. I'm missing her smile.