I meant to start this journal on the day you were born, but things get a little crazy when you bring a new baby home. Our home was full of guests, all bearing food and gifts. Thank Goddess for Allyn, keeping things clean and the guests organized. Don’t know what we’d have done without her.

Highlights from the month I missed:

You got your first chiropractic adjustment at 10 hours old.

Your grandma Heidi came down to visit during your first week and I nursed you at the Kensington Coffee Company.

You went to two forth of July parties. One at Kirsten and David’s where the acting community got a chance to see you. Then on to John and Oreet’s house where we walked up the street to his sister’s house and mixed with a large group. We left as the fireworks started (I was way to tired to stay up).

You met Box Office people at Lamb’s and staff at Mainly Mozart.

Went to the mall and generally out and about on a regular basis.

You took a trip to the dog beach (Coronado) where we walked and watched Maya romp in the surf and nursed.

You went to two weddings. One for Doug and Alora on July 19th (where I nursed you through the ceremony) and one for Rebecca and Jeff on the 20th (where I nursed you through part of the ceremony).

You were a busy baby…