one month old

Today you are one month old and I have been woefully negligent on keeping track of what’s going on in your life. I want you to be able to look at this and see what life was like you were a newborn. So, here’s the quick entry for today. Allyn (who has stayed with us for the last five weeks) goes home tomorrow and so we went out to dinner to say thank you and to celebrate your first month on the planet. You slept through the entire event, even while being fawned over by the waitresses and patrons at Kemosabe’s. We had a great dinner. You are bright, aware, beautiful, amazing… well, we’re just all in love with you. About 8 and a half pounds (haven’t weighed you in a while…) and 22 inches long, you are fleshing out nicely. Getting all pudgy and even more adorable. Not letting us sleep so well these days and I had one heck of a horrid headache last night, so Daddy had to take care of you. We love you.