You had a rough day

Allyn headed home to Chicago after 5 weeks of caring for us and you spent the day feeling horrid and squalling. Think maybe you’re a bit gassy and feeling uncomfortable. So, you slept in fits today, waking to cry or fuss. It wasn’t until your Grandma Janis came by with dinner that you settled into a good solid sleep… much to Grandma’s dismay. She wants to play with you when she comes to visit and you are usually sleeping. I’ve explained to her that sleeping is what infants do, but she is so in love with you she can't stand watching you sleep when all she wants it to play with you! If I left her to her own devices, she’d tickle you awake and then wonder why you were grumpy. She and Steve brought us pizza (first pizza since you were born) and salad from Grandma’s garden. Oh, I learned how to embroider and have been having a blast putting fun little things on your tee shirts and onsies! I guess I’ll have to become domestic now that I am officially a stay-at-home-mom. I’ll have to figure out cooking and cleaning… ick.