You are five weeks old today

Missed writing yesterday. Ah well. We went to the beach with the dog again. You slept in the sling and seemed happy. Then did some shopping and to Cousin Ben’s graduation party. Pat and Terri bought him a brand new truck. Don’t be expecting anything like that at your High School graduation… just not gonna happen! Wasn’t feeling so great when we got home so I took a bath with you wailed at Dad downstairs. We decided to bring you into the tub in hopes of calming you down a bit. Worked ok until I decided to see if babies really do have a natural instinct to hold their breath when their face hits water. You swallowed a little water and started screaming… bad Mommy. Today has been much better. You let me sleep pretty well last night and this morning, when we decided to go to breakfast at the Studio Café, we ran into your Grandpa and Grandma Gingery. So, we had a lovely time with them. Daddy has to work today; he’s loading out 1776 at the Lyceum now. You just had a nice dinner and are drifting off to sleep at my breast. Love watching you sleep… you suck in your lower lip just a little so it’s all lopsided. Very cute.