so much to do

You had an eventful weekend. Yesterday, you got to meet your great-grandparents, John & Margaret. We took the dog to the beach and had her back home by noon, when you daddy suggested we drive up to Hemet to introduce you to the great-grands. They were thrilled to meet you and called Aunt Babe to come take a look at you too. You smiled for Grandpa John as soon as we arrived and he spent the whole rest of the visit talking about how cute your smile is. Then he took us out to dinner and gave us a check for $100. That’ll pay for about 1/3 of the cost of your cloth diapers… so Wahoo! We had a great visit and got some photos of you with them. They were just so thrilled to meet you and thought you were pretty amazing (I agree).

On the way home, we saw a huge fire off in the direction of your local grandpa’s house and so I gave Sandy a call. 30 acres burned in Mission Trails (a place you will get to know very well when you are older). Didn’t come near them. It’s been so hot lately that we finally broke down and turned on the A/C. You’ve been wanting to nurse a whole lot more as well, which I am assuming has to do with you trying to keep hydrated… smart baby!