La Leche League

We went to our first La Leche League meeting today and met some other granola type moms… and some not so granola moms. It was good and I’ll most likely become a member. From there, we went to see Dad at work and had lunch with him, then to Target to stroll among the baby items and exclaim about their cuteness. Then to Dr. Joe’s and THEN finally to home. All told, we were out and about from 9:30 to 4 pm, a personal best for us, Kido. When I got you home, you dropped off to sleep in my arms, once again using my boob as a pillow and, after a while, I transferred you to the cradle. About half an hour later, you let out this sad wail and could not be consoled until I nursed you again. You sounded to sad and confused… not at all like your angry or hurting cry. I guess you awoke and couldn’t feel me near you and found it so disturbing you just had to let me know about it. That cry just hurts me.

You have been really gassy lately and it looks like I may have to start eliminating food from my diet to see if that’s what’s affecting you. Really don’t want to give up dairy, so hopefully its something else. Donno. You scream from 10 to 1 at night (not always for the full three hours) but you just sound like you’re hurting and I can’t stand the thought of you in pain.

Must make some dinner, Daddy’s back from walking the dog.