Things are getting better in the sleeping department

You’ve been really gassy and hurting at night lately and over the last few nights, with the help of colic tablets and working with you to head off the squalling, we’ve been able to make some progress. You’re so beautiful to sleep with, snuggled against my body, warm and sweaty. It’s been very warm lately, some nights we’ve just had you in a diaper. Your grandma Janis came to see you today and, once again, you slept through her visit. If I didn’t keep an eye on her, she’d wake you up just so she could interact with you a bit. It’s my job to take care of you and Daddy’s job to take care of us. So tired… and you’re about to wake up again.

Took you to PB to check out a resale shop. Got you a diaper pail for the cloth diapers that are on their way, a book about Baby Sign Language (which I fully intend to teach you), and a slightly faded Baby Bjorn baby carrier. As much as I love the Maya Wrap, I’ve been having some pain in-between my shoulder blades and wanted to try a carrier that went over both shoulders. So, when I saw it at the store, I tried it on and slid you into it. You went right back to sleep and snuggled happily at my chest for the rest of the trip. I was tagged for $35, but I got the owner to give it to us for $30. Daddy loved it when he tried it too.

After Sunkissed Kids Shop, we went to visit your great-grandparents. They were thrilled to see you, as always and your great-grandpa Ben cracked me up by saying to your great-grandma Lu (after you got fussy in her arms) “she don’t want those dried up old titties! She wants her momma’s titties!” So, I nursed you back to sleep and then took you home.