this gig is exhasting

You gave your mom a run for her money last night. Wouldn’t settle down until after midnight. I feel sorry for Keith who’s bed is one the other side of the way from ours and must be tired of listening to you wail. I was so tired and you were so tired and neither of us was getting any sleep. You awoke again at about 5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep for another hour. I’d be fine if you would lay quietly and play with your toes or something, but if you’re awake, you want to be moving! Bounce, bounce, jiggle, jiggle, pat, pat, “please baby, please go back to sleep, Momma is so tired!”

We had a bath this morning in the tub. You fussed when I first slid you into the water, but calmed down quickly. Then you got a quick massage and a clean onsie. Went for a walk with the dog, which was cut short due to Maya’s insistence in chasing a cat.