Lily is sleeping

She's gotten really good at sleeping at night. We're up to regular eight hour stints. Never to sleep before 11pm, but usually stays asleep (except for an occasional snack) until about 7am. Having her in bed with us has made life so easy! I don't even really know how many times we nurse at night as it's become something we can do in our sleep! It'll be really nice when she's a bit more mobile and can latch herself on. She's getting so big and pudgy... up to about 12 pounds.

Whoops, figures she'd wake up just as I was talking about how great she sleeps! Mark is tending to her at the moment, but she's probably hungry.

OK, my little nursling is happily eating.

She's recently discovered her hands and spends most of her awake hours checking them out and trying to figure out how to suck her thumb. No luck, thus far. She keeps tucking in her thumb just as it gets close to her mouth. She's getting so interactive: smiling up at me as she nurses; cooing happily as we change a diaper; reaching and batting at hanging toys. She is so strong and prefers standing (with help) to sitting. What an amazing girl!