Your mom is so cruel.

Yesterday, we got up early and went to a La Leche League meeting in Chula Vista. From there, we went and had lunch with Dad, then to Costco and finally to Dr. Joe's where you wailed at me the whole time. I got the one minute adjustment so that you wouldn't have to be screaming in the car seat for too long. You only got a total of 1.5 hours of sleep through all of this... you usually get about five hours during the day (more or less). Ouch. Cranky girl. I was trying to get dinner together and clean up the kitchen while holding you in the sling, but you just wouldn't stop fussing. In desperation, I finally put you down in the cradle and walked away. You cried for about a minute or two, quickly turning into your exhausted cry and then dropped off to sleep for a couple of hours. We had an appointment to interview a pediatrician, but I called and rescheduled as I couldn't fathom putting you into the car again.

This morning, you awoke at 7am and nursed back to sleep within about an hour. You're still snoozing, the cat curled up at the end of the bed, keeping an eye on you. Dad and I were both up at 4am with a sick cat. Millie's food seems to go bad at a certain point and she can't seem to keep it down. It was actually kinda nice to have a few moments together in the middle of the night. You were sleeping (you'd nursed only an hour earlier and would nurse again in another hour) and once the cat was cared for, I looked at your dad and just enjoyed his profile in the dark. I love the quick little moments we share: a light touch from across the bed as you sleep soundly between us; both of us marveling at your beauty as we watch you sleep; a peck on the cheek as he walks past me, bouncing you in his arms; listening as you coo happily at your daddy and the joy in his voice as he replies with "I'm your daddy!" Life is so sweet with this sweet little girl!