growling at toys

I'm watching Lil as she sits on the living room floor and carefully removes item after item from a basket, examining each object as she goes. And of course, everything needs to be growled at. Then I fill it back up and she does it again. She's so inquisitive... so interested in everything.

When I went to pick her up from my moms yesterday, she was zooming around in a box. Mom was pushing her around in it... big grins all around. This kid has toys... but she LOVES boxes, water bottles with colored water and dish soap in 'em, brochures, bits of cloth, kitchen utensils, etc. She plays with the toys too, but I don't think she'd miss them much if we didn't give them to her. Ah, what a good reminder to get back to basics.

We'll be moving soon and with the new house comes a vast difference in storage. We're going to have to clean house and let go of old treasures that aren't really treasures at all. I'm learning to let go of STUFF. Not so easy, and yet, fantastic!

OK, off I go. Walk the dog (or as Mark says "Dock the Wog") and get some groceries