We signed loan docs last night and should be closing today! If we don't, we're going to be homeless for a couple of days as the sale of our current home will close before the current owner of our new home will be out (he's doing a 30 day rent back). Getting the docs signed last night was a nightmare! Lil was a major cranky pants, barely took a nap all day, then Mark gets home and says we need to sign docs tonight so as to avoid the homeless situation. So our agent (fabulous man named Bob) comes by to give us the skinny; turns out the title company is having trouble getting them to print out. At 5:30 we are told we have 1/2 and hour to get over there and get the doc picked up... but their notary has already gone home for the day. So I call my cousin Jen (a notary) and get her to meet us at Mission valley on her way to dinner with friends. We jump in the car and head for the title co, which is, of course, in the middle of nowhere. The freeways are a mess (it is, afterall, 5:30) and we got just a little lost and the whole time I'm thinking "They're not going to be there, they're going to have gone home, we're going to get all the way out there and no docs" which is making me a little crazy and, well cranky. We finally find the darn place and they are still there, so we get the docs, but the notary spots aren't marked and this is no small packet of papers. We jump back into the car and race off to Mission Valley, meet my cousin and then realize that we have pages that don't make sense, they impounded taxes and fees when we asked them not to, and finally (as Jen is getting later and later for her dinner with friends) decide to just sign everything and get this thing DONE! After it's all done, I'm STARVING so we go to get some eats, get CRAPPY service and Lily is hungry as it's been a while since she nursed, but won't nurse without exposing my breast to the entire world (not only the restaurant, but we were seated next to a window that the entire Mall is walking past). The last bit of fun is that we are told at the last minute that our personal checks are useless, we have to get a wire transfer or a cashiers check... as though we're going to bounce a check on our HOUSE! So, this morning, Mark had to be late for work as he made calls and ran around getting the transfers worked out.

By the end of the day we'll know. As it is, I have to get to work.

OH, and Lily has a strange rash... BLAH!

BUT, as Allyn keeps telling me: Don't Push the River! It'll all happen if we can just go with the flow. Our lives are so incredibly sweet, this kinda thing isn't really that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things!