Miss Crazy Pants

Miss Crazy Pants cracks me up. Every time she starts to get tired, so turns into this drunken, crazy pants girl. Stumbling around, falling into things and laughing wildly. She has taken to beating me up a bit during this phase. If I'm laying on the floor, she fall on top of me, flail her arms and kick her legs, laughing and shouting, steam rolling me. We keep trying to get her to realize she needs to be gentle; she doesn't do this stuff to Mark. In fact, Mark tells me that he doesn't "allow" her to do it, as though I am somehow inviting this. Boys can be so silly.

On another note, she's been sleeping in her bed rather than the crib. She'll wake up in the morning and climb down, go knock on her door. The other day Mark was sleeping up in her room and she got out of the bed and went to her door, so he opened it. Then across the bridge to the living room door, so he opened that. Straight through the living room to the front door, so he opened THAT one. Right on out the front door and almost all the way to the car before she realized she was barefoot and her feet felt funny. He thinks that when she finally woke all the way up. Silly Miss Crazy Pants.

Love her.