Go to bed, silly head

Feeling a little better today. Mark nudged me into a good cry by wrapping his arms around me and asking, "are you OK?" We talked some and I sobbed some and we're all OK. Just need to give myself space to be what I am and what he is and what Lil is... etc. Part of me is mourning that I'm not Lily's favorite these days. But she spends all of her time with Mark, so of course he's the bomb. And Mark pointed out that he's been putting Lily to bed since she was two-months-old, so she's used to having her dad to tuck her in. With me, she wants to play and have contact and be silly. Not to good for getting the girly to bed, eh? So I take a deep breath, move forward and try to remember what it is to just be.

My life is good. My life is amazing. Remind me of that when I freak out.