I have just been reminded by my MIL that I am a good mother, dammit! In fact, I'm a "twizzle" for thinking different! And she's right, I know I'm a good mom. I know that with me and Mark, Lily's life will be full of possibility, imagination, joy and promise. Do I sometimes get a little crazy? Uh, yeah! I'll blame it all on pregnancy hormones. Everything makes me want to cry and well, sometimes I just go for it!

On another note, Eminem( that's right, you heard me) has a new video out right now, that you might want to see... mosh. A bold political move on the eve of the election. The man is forming an army of angry young people and telling them the way to battle is to... VOTE! I love it. And while I'm not a big fan of the artist I am deeply impressed with what this video does to mobilize young people to vote (and since I agree that Bush needs to go...).

OK, in need to breakfast. Thank you, Heidi for the reminder and go check out the video!