fat pants

We're doing well... too busy, which isn't really a new thing. Lily is on the verge of talking, babbling like crazy and experimenting with her voice all the time. She likes to screech and then smile all big at you. I just screech back at her! My belly is starting to grow and only my "fat pants" fit now. Will try to post a photo soon. Am having a blast pulling out my old maternity clothes and enjoying checking out the stuff friends have passed on. Can't wear it all just yet. Feeling fat. ;)

I have no idea how to help Lily understand about this new baby. She's so young. She can understand when we ask her to do simple things: "Lily, pick up the toy and put it away" or "Put your hat on". But how do you explain the concept of a new child? How do you tell her a baby brother or sister is growing in Mamas tummy and will come to live with is next year? Matt and I are about 22 months apart, so I should ask my mom how she handled it.

Then there's the big question about tandem nursing. Lil is still happy to nurse and I feel she is too young to wean. I know my supply is dropping but so far no major complaints from the girly. When I come home from work she'll run to our chair and bang on it, waiting for me to come scoop her up and cuddle in. I love the reconnect. She is having some latch issues when she switches from one side to the other; I don't know if she being sloppy or what. Other than that, we're doing fine with nursing and I don't see her stopping any time soon so I guess that answers my tandem question! We'll figure it out as we go.

Anyway, that's the latest. I'll ask Mark to take a photo of the ever expanding belly soon and get it online. Cheers!