Felt the first movements of the new bean the other day (the 19th). Just a flutter from the inside, nothing that could be felt on the outside. I actually got excited and phoned Mark, Allyn and Vikki. Getting bigger all the time. We need to do another photo, but are rather lame about that.

We're actually lame about a lot of things. The latest is paperwork. I'm flying with Lily on Saturday and I need to present proof of her age. Birth certificate would be brilliant if we could FIND IT! We can't, and of course we didn't realize it until late today. The county office where we could get a new one is closed tomorrow. Figures. So I called the airline and asked what other forms of ID/age I can use. Hospital discharge papers will work. Too bad we didn't give birth in a hospital. OK, well vaccine records are appropriate. GREAT, except that she's had no vaccines. We're going to bring the Birth Center records and hope they accept that as valid. We had to search through PILES and PILES and PILES of random paperwork just to find those records. Thus the lame comment. It's amazing how much paper is in this house. Seriously, it's scary. Someday I'm just going to burn it all. Now, just to be clear, this is not an invitation to the fire gods to just set the fire themselves... I promise that I'll invoke them at the proper time. No need to do this without me!

OK, must get some sleep and awake to a crazy Christmas Eve day. Cheers.