One week until we load up a truck with all our possessions. We started packing up the office today... a daunting task that made me want to hyperventilate. We have packed away so much PAPER in our life. I let a lot go. I should go to FlyLady and post the pounds lost from my life. At least we don't have to move it. We're trying to slim down... heck I found stuff in there from High School! Tomorrow we're going to have to finish up the office and then take on another room. Mark claims that the other rooms will go faster but I am definitely feeling the stress on getting this place packed while chasing a curious infant. Lily is into everything and if we don't keep an eye on her, everything is in her mouth. As long as a taste won't hurt her, we let her have a go.

Anyway, must get myself off to bed. Am so tired these days. Lily's teeth want to come out and say hi but as of yet... nothing. Apparently, I got my first tooth at six months but hit all my other milestones at about the same rate Lily is.