7 1/2 months

Lily's having a blast these days, crawling, pulling up to stand, bouncing, and trying very hard to balance on her own. When I try to help her, she pushes my hands away, insistent she figures this out on her own... although to her credit, she rarely falls on her head anymore! She can even go up and down a couple of stairs now, although the down isn't nearly as pretty as the up! She babbles all the time, is fascinated by faces and will pull at noses, cheeks, ears... whatever she can sink her finger into. She loves it when Mark or I read to her and would eat up the books if we let her. We know this because she actually consumed some of the California Primary Supplemental handout… I could still read the politics after she digested it (ick). We've started some solids although she's still nursing like a champ. Overall, life seems pretty grand and while we have yet to see a tooth in that smiley mouth, our randomly cranky baby says one may be on its way.