Monday and Thursday are my days off and I usually spend them running around, girly in tow, trying to get all the errands done that I can. Yesterday, Lily and I spent a day taking it easy and enjoying each others company. Granted, I did three loads of laundry and a grocery trip, but other than that, we just chilled. While she napped, I lay next to her and read The Da Vinci Code while occasionally transferring laundry lazily between washer and dryer. We played with toys in the living room and "talked" about what we'd buy at the store. We cranked up the music and danced wildly and with many shouts of joy and waving of arms from the girl. There's something about dancing wildly with a baby in arms that makes you understand the term "full of joy". I felt this amazing warmth flow upwards from my root chakra, filling me with this overwhelming happiness that made me want to weep. Lily expresses joy so openly, honestly... no worries about how she may look in the process. Made me feel free to just let go, jump around like an idiot and feel her joy fill me.

I had a perfect moment of happiness.


In these days of teething and cranky tears at 4am (hers and mine) this perfect moment of joy renewed me... made all this worth it. One look into her amazing toothless grin and I know that I will never be "just me" again. I am so in love with this child; with her ability to love and evoke love; with the wonder of seeing the world anew; with the simple act of dancing your joy and calling out in wonder.

If you've never done it, you really must. Hold a wonderful baby in your arms, crank up the music and just dance! It will get you, every time.