The eight hour stretches of sleep I talked about in March 7th's post didn't stick. She's been constantly on the move these days, even while she sleeps. I've heard other parents talk about how right before their child make a developmental breakthrough (walking, talking, etc) they will go through a restless phase where even as they sleep they are "processing." She's on the verge of walking and her sporadic sleep may have something to do with that. She can now easily stand, she furniture walks and is taking little adventurous moments of standing alone... for about 30 seconds before she *fwump* is back on her butt. You can see that she just really wants to walk and is annoyed that she can't yet do so. She is strong willed, our girl. We can already see it. So determined and intent on her goal, whatever it may be. So full of joy, as well. She LOVES getting her tummy zerberted and will laugh and giggle as you tickle her. She loves the cat and the dog and will climb all over Maya if given the chance. The kitty still won't let Lily close enough, but boy will Lil chase that cat around, giggling, and just hoping for a chance to touch her soft fur.

Lily is still going for the solid food, big time. If she sees one of us eating she is personally offended if we don't give her some. I've started giving her canned fruit in the mornings (along with her favorite: cheerios) as it is soft and can easily be cut into pieces she can handle. Constantly amazes me that she can eat as much stuff as she can. Thursday night she ran off with a huge triangle of pita after shunning the little pieces I'd torn off for her. She ate most of the pita and then fed the rest to the dog, giggling wildly as Maya licked the treat from her fingers. She feeds the dog whatever she can and the dog has become her most constant companion. Even when I put Lil down for a nap, the dog now insists that she stay with her. Maya will come running if Lily is crying and gets very upset if there is a door or person keeping her from her crying "puppy."

Despite the teething, which frequently causes fussy days or nights, Lily is at such a fun age. So personable, so full of smiles and giggles, so incredibly her own person. And while I am exhausted, I so enjoy every moment of our life with her... we are blessed.