whoa there!

Lily sleep crawled right off the bed last night. She had wormed her way up to the headboard and then turned west above my pillow. All a sudden I hear a thunk thunk thunk and before she started wailing had scooped her into my arms. Didn't know I could move that fast... although not fast enough to catch her before she landed on the dog bed. : ( At least she landed on something soft. Probably landed a bit on the dog as well, but by the time I got to her the dog had high-tailed it out of there least we think she was the one that made the baby cry.

Anyway, Mark (also moving at top speed) got a light on and we gave her a good once over, looking for signs of damage. Nothing, totally unharmed, other than a healthy dose of fear. She'll probably still throw herself off of stuff. After a little nursing, she feel back asleep and her wide-eyed parents turned out the lights and worked on getting back to sleep ourselves. Scared the crap out of us both. Maybe the mattress needs to go back on the floor.