three steps

Lily took three little steps today before plopping back onto her bum. And wouldn't you know it, she took them in the direction of our friend Nate. He'd come over to cut some Bamboo and then I made sandwiches and Margaritas... haven't had a drink of any kind in over two years and darnit all, I just wanted something cold and froofy. Made 'em good a weak. Very tasty. Anyway, we were all hanging out on the floor, watching Lil crawl around and being very very lazy. Lily stood up, I helped her balance and let go. I'm going with it being a moment of confidence rather than an extreme need to get to Nate. Although he's a pretty neat guy and she always lights up when she sees him, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it was all for love of that guy!

Big day for her. Three baby steps closer to walking and two new teeth.