We took Lily to the zoo for the first time today. She was pretty unimpressed. It was really hot and she was a sleepy baby because of the heat. But she kicked it in the stroller and grinned when we tipped it back and said HI. I was bad and gave her a taste of an icee... which only made her want more. Not nice, teasing the baby. We went into the petting zoo and only two goats we out roaming around. The rest were having some lunch. There was a black on having a rest in the middle of the yard and Lily and I bent down to say hello. Lily felt more comfortable "petting" it with her foot. She was very gentle, just seemed to think it was better to keep a bit of a distance from it. After a while, she did pet it a little, but again, pretty unimpressed. The other goat was trying to eat a chain, so we let it be. Walked around some and then sat and watched the primates play while Lily nursed. It was nice. Hot, but nice.

Didn't stay long as Mark has royally screwed up his back and while Dr. Joe told him to do some walking if he could, he was only up for so much. Had to bail out on work today, something that he hates to do, but it was going to be a day of heavy lifting, some deconstruction and wallpaper peeling... none of which feels good when your body is crooked.

Off for a nap. Lily was dead asleep when we got back and even transferred into the crib without a peep, so I think I will take a page from my daughters book and siesta through the heat.