little stinker

"Lily, say 'Mama'... say 'Mama', Lily"

Big grin, followed by a whispered "Dada"

Love that stuff. Funny as all get out.

Met our new nephew, Liam today. Lily likes Liam... wants to play with him. We brought up some dinner and visited for an hour or two before we had to get Lil home and into bed. He's a beautiful little boy, delicate little features and these sweet little sounds. Makes funny little "o" faces. Matthew is such the doting daddy; he already seems so comfortable with him and seems to be really loving every moment with his baby boy. Michelle seems to be recovering well. She's still having some pain and has to take it easy so as not to pull any stitches. She also seems to be settling into her motherhood role well... it suits her. They are already great parents, can't wait to see what kind of personality emerges and how the cousins will interact.

Ah yes, life is good.