Nate's Cafe

Took a drive today and ended up near Nate and Sandy's new house. We called Nate to find out exactly where the new place was and, as he was in rehearsal, didn't get ahold of him. So we kinda felt our way there and actually found it. On the way there we drove past this place called "Nate's Cafe" and it looked kinda cool, like hippy's would be happy there. It was a little past lunch time and I was ready for a meal, so I turned the car around and drove straight to the Cafe.

Turns out this place is actually the coolest nursery I've ever seen. Had a little barn with goats and chickens and all sorts of amazing things. LOVED it. And our Nate (not the one the restaurant is named after... turns out he's dead) ended up joining us for lunch.

What is it about Nate and Lily? She loves him. She wants to show off whenever he's around. She took her first steps in his direction and today, she started shaking her head "no" at him. Totally new behavior; just whipped it out for Nate. Silly baby.

So yes, she now shakes her head no... it's not pretty and sometimes her head ends up going round and round and up and down and back and forth, but she thinks that's funny, so it's all good.