Adventures in dining

Lily LOVES to share. She'll "share" with the dog, who delightfully nibbles from her fingers while she giggles happily. She'll look up at Mark or me, arm outstreched with a damp little morsel clutched in her grubby fingers, smiling broadly and just waiting for us to yum enthusiastically as we eat from her hand. The minute our lips touch her fingers, she errupts in laughter. Cool.

Then there are the meals where the dog and cat are having a bit of chase. Lily will accept spoonfuls of food while whipping her head back and forth to keep an eye on the game, occasionally throwing in a cracker for effect, watching as Maya changes course to pick up the treat then race off after the cat again.

And who could forget Lily's sign for water: a full body slam, back in forth in the high chair, her body riotously rocking while she points at her cup, asking, no DEMANDING her drink of water.

Mark and I don't get to have much conversation, but we look forward to dinner all the same. We trade off keeping the girly fed while trying to get some food into our own mouths. I type as Lily smears yogurt around on her tray, mixing it with crackers and popping bits into her mouth. Mark is trapsing around the property with Maya at his heals. Twilight is upon us, the air is cooling into night. And my Lily, my sweet baby girl has a cracker pasted to her ear. My purpose is clear. ; )