We drove up to LA today to pick up our new van after upgrading from a '86 to a '90. What was supposed to be a four hour trip turned into an eight hour drive... traffic, sleepy parents having to pull over and get some fresh air and snacks, lunch needs, etc. Lily slept most of the time and, amazingly enough, is actually asleep before 8pm. She's got the drooly, snotty, slight fever thing going on, so I think we're in for new teeth. Anyway, here's the highlight. We stop in Solana Beach for Starbucks, but the place had burned down. Darn inconvenient of them, if you ask me. So, we got juice instead. At this point we're driving in two cars and I'm driving the van with Maya in the back. Mark's got Lily in the Rav and as we slide open the door of the van to sit with Maya and drink our juices, Lily takes one look at the dog and shouts, "AYA!" One single consonant away from the dogs actual name. So now we're up to Mamamamama, Dadadada, up, down, gung (donno), yeah, yum and AYA! Before we know it, she'll be writing her dissertation.