Toe dipping

It's been hotter than the hinges lately and so we took Lily and Maya to the beach today to frolic a bit in the waves. The only other time Lil has been was when she was only a month or two old and she was all wrapped up in the sling, nursing the whole time. This time we dunked her feet in the water and let her play with the sand. She really dug the sand and would pick up handfuls, feeling it with both hands and watching, clearly fascinated as it ran through her fingers. She even tasted it, but decided that wasn't such a good idea. Maya had a blast, as she always does when allowed to leap into water and Mark and I took about a thousand photos. Two people offered to take photos of all three of us and we have a really nice shot to remember her first active trip to the beach.

We kept it short and then hung out in the van for a while so Mark could figure out how to set up the awning. Lily loves the van and crawled around "talking" and pulling on things. Then back home for pancakes! Yea! Life's good.