Busy little bees

When Fran, Kristianne and Jonah were here the other night, Jonah noticed a couple of bees hanging out near the opening in the wall where all the cables come into the basement of the house (we have no overhead wire; phone, cable, electricity, etc are all run underground!). By the next morning, it was a whole swarm. As someone who is a.) terrified of bees and b.) somewhat allergic, I wasn't going to waste any time; so I called in a hit. Jonathan, who was the kick ass bug and bee guy I hired when I worked at Sledge, is coming this morning to make 'em dead. Yes, I know we could have someone come and remove them humanely... but the cost is one issue and my distrust of the little buggers figures in as well. I talk a good talk about peace and kindness, but I will fully admit that when it comes to bees, I'm a very bad person.

So Jonathan just left. He tells me that the average hive is 30,000 bees, which totally freaks me out. Lily and I watched from the dining room window as he sprayed poison into the hive and the hum started to get louder and louder, bees swooping at Jonathan and trying to get into his bee suit. They were pretty pissed off, which I totally respect. Sorry guys. We'll have to be on the lookout for dead solders for the next couple of days... I am a bad person, but at least I'm not sitting on 30,000 allergic reactions anymore.