In the groove

Mark and I were in the groove tonight. Through dinner, we seamlessly took turns popping food into Lil's mouth while we both ate and talked and laughed. Then Mark took her downstairs to get ready for bed while I went under the house for our box of painting supplies, checking in and helping out when Lil's diaper change suddenly became traumatic (sometimes she realizes we're getting her ready for bed and protests... while practically nodding off on the table). I dragged the box upstairs to the guest room while Mark put Lily to bed and started taping off the windows. Mark came up to join me after the girly was asleep and helped me remove the blinds. No time to paint, so we headed back into the kitchen to clean up after dinner. We moved around each other easily, helping and getting things done.

Things are getting easier. Lily's going to bed easier and sleeping pretty well. While I'm still over whelmed (like, all the time!), I feel like it's starting to move back into the land of groove. I'm feeling as though the world makes a little more sense... like I CAN handle all this stuff.

Kinda a nice feeling.