Haven't had much time to blog lately. Lily's doing pretty well at night, sleeping fairly well and not having such a hard time with the teething. She's got two more coming in (which will bring her up to six) and seems to be in the chill phase. She's walking up a storm now, preferring it to walking as much as possible. Gives me the opportunity to put her in dresses again, which the little girly part of me enjoys. Had her in a cute little sundress yesterday with her ballerina-butt diaper on. Too cute! I'm getting somewhat addicted to cute diaper covers... must be careful or will no longer be able to claim that cloth is cheaper than disposable!

Took Lil and Maya to the dog park yesterday and then went to check out the Habitat for Humanity store where you can dig up old doors, windows, tile, etc. Bought two older style windowed doors which I'm going to strip and use as picture frames (yes, very big picture frames) for our big wall in the living room. Yes, I'm a hippy. Deal.

Anyway, life is good and only getting better. More on that later. ; )