Some days... just better than others

Today was a very full day. First we took that stack of baby items that has been piling up near the front door and donated them. Wow, the entry way is suddenly HUGE! The, onto the PB Block Party where we wondered around, ate bad food and drank a very weak lemonade in the not-too-hot sun. From there we went to Sears where we purchased the coolest vacuum cleaner, ever. We picked up a Dyson Animal which really sucks ; ). We got tired of buying vacuum cleaners every couple of years and figure that if this thing can just last three years we'll be ahead. It has a 17 foot hose attachment, a life-time filter, no bags and is so easy to empty... no more standing over the trash can while banging on the canister, dust everywhere, you just point and pull a trigger and the dirt is gone. Oh, and the very coolest things about it: it's purple. You gotta love that. We brought it home, Mark set it up and had an absolute blast cleaning things. This is one of the reasons I married this man... he LOVES to clean. It's like Christmas for him, this new machine. He's adorable.

Anyway, I finally tore Mark's attention away from his new toy long enough to remind him that we had a date! We took Lily to my dad's and ran off for dinner and a movie, something that we haven't had the pleasure of in a long time. We saw Hidalgo which I LOVED. Really wonderful flick about a man and his horse. Mark had to listen to me say (quite frequently, really) "THAT is a man without HONOR" regarding all the bad guys. Cheaters. Don't like cheaters at all!

It was a great day. Lily even had fun at my dads and spent a fair bit of time blowing raspberries at him, which he thought was great. OH, and we even got to see my mom, who is getting over a cold and had been having Lily withdrawals from not being able to care for her this week. Good all around.