Lily let us sleep in until 8:30 this morning, the best gift I could have hoped for! Then off to brunch with Grandma Lu and the gang, which was nice and filled with cheers for my first mother’s day. Felt really good.

We've been working on night weaning, which is part of the reason we had such a great night last night (although it could have been helped by the margarita I had at dinner). We've been offering her water when she wakes, instead of the breast and though we've only been at it for a short time, it seems to be working for her. We're hoping that with the only incentive to wake being water, she'll just chose to keep sleeping. Around five or six am I go ahead and nurse her, but I haven't had to nurse three or four times before that. We're keeping our fingers crossed and our intentions strong and enjoying the sleep as it comes.

Also need to get new diaper covers. I think I ruined the ones we have by rinsing them in vinegar. Will have to chat with some friends about what to get! So much fun. Must run, off to Home Depot for paint and other fun toys.