We moved Lily into her new, very purple room this week. We've been sleeping in the same room with her still as she gets used to the new space but tonight we're going to try sleeping in our bedroom. Don't want to jinx it by making any predictions on the outcome... let's just say that we will hope for the best and keep our hearts open. I'll keep you all posted.

On a positive sleep note: Lil feel asleep in my arms the other night as we cuddled in bed. The back of her head rested against my cheek and her body lay as close as possible to me, the warmth of her sweet little body against my neck and chest. Her little hands rested out in front of her, one whole hand curled around my thumb. The scent of her head, slightly damp from sweat, it's just something that you can't describe, so perfect and intoxicating. I have never been so in love.

I can't believe she's almost one. It breaks my heart.