Party on

We threw one heck of a shin-dig today for Lily's birthday. About 40 people showed up to help us celebrate Lily's first trip around the sun and it was a blast. She very much enjoyed the frosting on the cake Grandma Janis made for her; scooping it up in handfuls and shoving it into her mouth. Poor Boo was very tired by the end of the cake episode and so I gathered her up and put her into one of her favorite places to play: the bathtub. She was very happy there and graciously received guests from her watery throne, waving bye-bye to the departing partiers. Afterwards we opened presents, which she found rather unremarkable. That is, until we opened the Leap Frog Drum... which we couldn't disentangle from the packaging fast enough. She LOVED that thing and it was a huge hit with all the little ones, each banging on it joyfully.

We had a ton of food, have a ton of left overs... so much fun!