More on the big shift

Since becoming parents Mark and I have been mulling over the best arrangement for rearing our child[ren] so that we can make enough money to cover our nut AND be the ones actively parenting our child[ren]. While we understand why some parents put their children in daycare, it wasn't what we wanted for ours and so, I have been primarily the stay-at-home-parent since Lily's birth. Grandma Jan has been an amazing help, taking Lil two afternoons a week so I could work part time, but it was somehow still not an ideal situation for us.

Two and a half weeks into our recent three week road trip, Mark and I had the mother of all talks. While I LOVE being Lil's mom, I am somewhat unfulfilled as a stay-at-home-parent... I love working and miss it terribly. And to be honest, I'm not thriving in the set up we have now. And Mark, who very much enjoys being a carpenter, has always wanted to have the opportunity to parent full time. As we drove through the beautiful mountains of Yosemite Park, we realized that THIS just wasn't working and we needed to make some changes.

A friend of mine (who also happens to be my former boss at the Old Globe) had been kind enough to let me know that there was a job opening she felt I'd be good for. She asked that as soon as I got home I email her my resume and so, after taking some time to update it I fired her off a copy. Within a few hours of sending it off I received a phone call from the director of Marketing and Communications, asking me if I would be available to interview the next day. They have created a new position in the box office, one that would allow me some flexibility with the schedule while still allowing me to do more than just sell a ticket. I have the opportunity to work in a position of respect, with some remarkable people and make a decent wage while I'm at it. Mark will still have to take a gig here and there, but the salary will just about cover our needs. AND it comes with benefits!

I start Monday.

SOOOO, we are jumping into a big change. Mark is thrilled to get to be with Lily so much more and I will get to care for my whole family financially. My mom (Grandma Jan) will still be helping out a couple of days a week and Mark's mom (Grandma Heidi) will be coming to stay in September while Mark works his last out of town gig for a while. We feel blessed and amazed that when we made the choice to change things, this job just jumped at me. I feel incredibly grateful that I have such an awesome husband that he wants to stay home with his beautiful daughter. I'm a little sad to be spending that much time away from Lil but excited at the new world opening up for me. It's a big shift and we know it may be a bit sticky at times. But ahhh, what a wonderful world we live in where these opportunities can present themselves.

We'll keep you posted!