New Shoes and Bathtub Play

Haven't had time/energy to post. Lily is saying "Hi" now and actually at the appropriate time. She's getting frustrated at times, babbling away at us and not understanding why we don't get what she's saying. After all, as far as she knows, she's being completely clear! Poor boo.

She has her first pair of hard soled shoes - a cute little pair of sandals - and is enjoying clumping around in them and demanding that we put them on at any moment where she realizes her feet are bare. If they're not on her feet, well then they should be thrown immediately into the wading pool! With a Huzzah! if it can be managed.

Found her in the tub the other day, happily playing. Can't figure out how she managed to get into the darn thing without bonking her head. We suspect the dog.

Hmmm, what else? Lily learned that hitting the cat will produce disastrous results. The cat was very reserved and finally got fed up, extended one claw (I kid you not, she showed amazing restraint) and scratched Lil on the arm. She was deeply unhappy about that, but I haven't caught her hitting the cat again.

My new job is going well... it's been a hard adjustment, but I still feel like we all made the right choice.

Bedtime. Maybe I'll be able to update again later.