I'm sitting here watching as my daughter eats cereal and rice milk... with a spoon. She's so insistent that she can do everything like we do. Forks, spoons, heck! she'd cut up her own hot dog if we let her! She's getting so big, so fast, it's just a little freaky.

She's also taken to CLINGING to me a hollering at me each morning as I get ready to go to work. She is not pleased about my leaving, but has a great time with Daddy once I'm gone. Those two get along brilliantly and Mark manages to get WAY more done than I ever could while handling a toddler. He's even been able to build some shelves, assemble her new table and chairs, cook beautiful dinners, do all the shopping... the list goes on and on! It's working out rather well for all of us.

There is one thing though that makes me a little sad. My milk supply is dwindling and this makes Lily very unhappy. She'll nurse and nurse and nurse and then sit up, cry and ask for num-nums as though I've been withholding. There's just not a lot there anymore... I'm spending too much time away from here. I know, at least she's old enough and a great eater; I don't have to worry about her nutritionally. But there is this amazing settling in time, reconnecting time, reminder of who we are time... it's hard to loose that. It's hard now that she wants more than I can give.

Ah, now she is eating her cereal by the fistfulls! There's my baby girl.