11 words...

So we counted. Lily now has 11 words that she uses consistently and (most of the time) correctly. Here they are in all their glory (and in no particular order -- the numbers are just to see if I can remember them all):

1. Mama -- placed first on the list despite the fact that it was not her first word... gee, I wonder who's writing this blog?

2. Dada -- I think this was actually her first, however (in all fairness) it was uttered to the dog, cat, chair, her toes, etc before it was ever spoken to mean her actual father.

3. Dog-Dog -- technically one word, but always spoken twice. Maya is a dog-dog, not just simply a dog.

4. Hi -- usually spoken into an improvised phone, like the remote control or her shoe.

5. Hello -- some may say this word doesn't qualify due to it's similarity to the word immediately preceding it. To those people I say "piss off and get a real job."

6. Lily -- this word is always coupled with the last. We'll hear "Hello, Lily" over and over until the child drops. She LOVES the sound of that phrase and since we are suckers, delights in our repeating it to her every freaking time she says it. Simple pleasures.

7. Baby -- at first we thought this was another one of her babbled double syllables as it comes across as "bee-bee" most of the time. Then she started bringing us photos of babies in ads or books and pointing at them while saying “bee-bee” so we’ve got it linked. Cracks me up.

8. uh-oh -- this has got to be one of my favorites and always used correctly. Today on the airplane she dropped a cracker and accidentally stepped on it: uh-oh. She then spent the next half hour trying to pick up the pieces, then brush away the crumbs... she's a freak.

9. Down -- you would think "up" would be on this list if "down" is. Not so much. She delights in pointing downwards in a rather violent motion, exclaiming "DOWN" like she's ordering around her subjects. "Down, Lily?" we'll ask, to which she answers:

10. Yeah! -- She LOVES this one and will sometimes holler it aloud for what we see as no obvious reason. I'm sure she knows why, but until she racks up some more words, we're just going to have to wonder.

11. No -- the first utterance of this one occurred on Christmas morning. We stayed over at my moms so they could give us a lift to the airport and as she sat eating her breakfast she came up with a single and very determined "NO." My step-dad thought that was funny and so he repeated it back. She has become VERY adept at this new word in the last week and clearly favors it. It's been... fun.

She also randomly comes up with full sentences, never to be heard again. She's said "I love you", "I'm cold", "I don't want to go", "I got it!", etc. Oh, and today she was pointing at a banana and saying "nananananana", so she was either taunting the darn thing or attempting to call it by name. We'll see if it sticks.