I knew that sappy post from earlier meant something. Couple pregnancy hormones with this freaking cold and you have one very foggy, spaced out mama who writes the dribble below. I’ve left work early so I could go get an adjustment and then go to sleep. My boss actually told me I wasn’t worth much today… don’t get righteous for me, she was totally right. I’m a mess. I feel like my head is this balloon, attached only loosely to my neck and bobbing along somewhere up there in the sky while messages to my body (like, “hey, turn left or you’ll run into a wall”) take an inordinate amount of time to reach their various destinations, causing a string of bumps and bruises that will really be annoying when I feel less numb. It’s a wonder I got home alive.

Lily is hanging out with Grandma today and Mark is… gone somewhere. So, I shall hit the “Publish Post” button and take my sorry ass off to bed. Hope you all have a spiffy day.