Attack of the camera-happy baby

I realized I have a whole lot of photos of Lily attacking the camera. She loves the darn thing. Every time I take it out, attempting to catch some great thing she’s doing over there, she comes tearing towards me, arms out and wants to push all the buttons. She’ll smash her eye against the viewfinder, smear her sweet little nose across the lens or work furiously to get the lens cap back on… where it clearly belongs. Rather than get annoyed at all these ruined Kodak moments, I chose to share some of the highlights. Oh, and let me know if all the photos make it hard for the page to load, I’ll move them or something.

On with the show:

Only a few months old and she’s spied the camera

Getting closer

Even while naked


Notice the camera lens on the left side of the screen?

OK, well she is a cutie

Stop it, Mama… or give me the camera!

Is she cross eyed?

Hoodie girl

My personal favorite